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Strategien für die Zukunft - Entwicklung sozialer Unternehmen in NRW  
Development of social enterprises in NRW
Equal development partnership
Social firms
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Treuhandstelle e.V.
Unity AG
BAG Intergrationsfirmen
LAG Intergrationsfirmen
FHTW Berlin
Gütersloher Stiftung

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Co-ordination : FAF gGmbH



In order to strategically further the development of social enterprises and qualitatively improve the employment situation of individuals with disabilities, current conditions must be examined and new methods for operational development introduced. Experts in related areas of expertise have been invited to join the partnership to facilitate its successful implementation.

Questions regarding alternative financing methods are being examined as well as the possibility of awarding public contracts to social enterprises within the framework of prevailing EC and Federal Court of Justice case law. In North Rhine-Westphalia, networks of social enterprises are being organised in certain business sectors. Successful business plans are being identified throughout the nation and applied to North Rhine-Westphalia. A benchmark system for social enterprises is being developed to support social firms in the future.

Experts are taking advantage of the involvement of the Federal Consortium of Social Firms ( as well as the State Consortium of North Rhine-Westphalia to incorporate practical experience into their plans.

The results should help stabilise social firms in North Rhine-Westphalia and will be used to improve promotional strategies for social enterprises. More about current developments and events relating to this development partnership under

:: Treuhandstelle e.V. – Bochum (Non-profit trust centre)
:: Unity AG – Paderborn
:: BAG Integrationsfirmen – Berlin (Federal Consortium for Social Firms)
:: LAG Integrationsfirmen – Solingen (State Consortium for Social Firms)
:: FHTW – Berlin (University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics)
:: Gütersloher Stiftung – Gütersloh (Gütersloh Foundation)
:: in puncto: pfaender & team GmbH – Köln

> Evaluation
:: in puncto: pfaender & team GmbH

> Co-ordination
:: FAF gGmbH - Köln (Specialist Counselling for Work and Company Projects non-profit Ltd.)

> Addresses and Contacts