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Strategien für die Zukunft - Entwicklung sozialer Unternehmen in NRW  
Development of social enterprises in NRW
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Co-ordination : FAF gGmbH



Equal is a community initiative financed in co-operation with the European Social Fund (ESF). Its objective is to fight against and reduce discrimination against disadvantaged groups on the labour market.

As opposed to earlier programs, Equal does not focus on smaller, individual projects but on what are known as development partnerships (DPs) which form in response to specific questions and problems. The inclusion of diverse players in these development partnerships guarantees that the experiences and outcomes of all involved are taken into account, synergy effects are made possible and lasting changes are achieved that benefit disadvantaged groups.

Lasting networks can develop out of co-operations between partners, both within each individual DP as well as between DPs of the same thematic group. The EQUAL initiative has declared such co-operations to be one of its objectives. These can further stabilise and strengthen the various approaches.

The "Strategies for the Future - Social Enterprises in North Rhine-Westphalia" development partnership has devoted itself to the topic of "Entrepreneurial Spirit" and is one of 109 national DPs (of a total of approx. 1,500 in Europe) whose partners work together within a mutual work programme.

The non-profit organisation "pro concept e.V." is responsible for the development partnership. All partners are members of this organisation, which ensures that everyone involved will participate in the decision-making process. The organisation and project are supported by the integration offices in Cologne and Münster, which are a part of the Regional Councils, as well as other strategic partners. The "Fachberatung für Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte (FAF) gGmbH" (Specialist Counselling for Work and Company Projects non-profit Ltd.) in Cologne was hired for the overall co-ordination of the development partnership on both national and transnational levels. An ongoing evaluation of the project will ensure that the entire development process as well as the outcome of the project are analysed and assessed. Regularly scheduled workshops for all operative partners on specialist topics guarantee exchanges as well as co-operation. Experiences and outcomes are communicated to political policy-makers and public administrators at the conferences for strategic partners in order to ensure mainstreaming.

Contact person:

FAF gGmbH – NRW Office
Co-ordination Christian Gredig
Philippstraße 72-74
50823 Köln
0221 / 546 39 33
0221 / 546 39 35